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Our business starter package allows you to get you up and running while allowing flexibility to grow as your business grows. This package allows you to share your:  - Business description and background. - Contact information & hours of operation. - Testimonials and current client feedback.  These elements are important to those visiting your website. Customers will be able to know what services you offer, how to reach you, and what others have said about you. In addition to including this content, we will include a logo (or create one for you), custom banner, up to five web images, a contact form, and up to two flash elements to make your site come alive. All of this for $250, which includes one year of hosting and up to three email addresses!   Once you are ready to expand, additional pages start at $25 per page. An annual hosting fee of $75 will be charged to keep your site up and running. We also offer shopping carts, photo galleries, blogs, message boards, and content management which allows you to update specific content on your website through your internet web browser.
Business Starter Package $250 
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